The increasing incidences of a mishap within school premises is a matter to be pondered upon. We have often heard of issues like children being physically abused and assaulted in school over the news. Only last year we had the case of Ryan International School, Gurugram where we saw a young boy studying in class two found murdered in the school washroom. Well, this is just one incident, many such cases can be found on the internet if searched. The problem is that how can we neglect the lives of small little kids who are sent to schools where neither their parents nor any relative can see them. CCTV Installation in schools is one solution to safeguard the futures of these little children. Here we have a list of some reasons why it is important to install CCTV cameras in schools:

    Keep a check on who is coming and going

    Having cameras on all entrances of the school helps you see who is coming and going. Any strange person or activity can be seen if there are cameras everywhere. Guards can be immediately summoned if anything abnormal is seen in the camera. If a person enters school premises with wrong intentions will cease to work out his plan once he finds himself under surveillance.

    Watch the teachers

    – We have also seen incidences on the news where a teacher hit student so badly that he had to be admitted in a hospital after that. Not all teachers are bad but still if we keep a watch on teachers they will not exceed their limitations. Gone are those days when a teacher used to hit his student in school. Now it is illegal for teachers to hit students. CCTV cameras in classrooms and on the corridors keep an eye on teachers as well as students. It also shows you whether a teacher is teaching efficiently in class or not.

    Prevents bullying

    - Children often complain about being bullied at school. Senior students or many times their own classmates bully children so much so that they are afraid to go to school. Children who are generally weak in studies have to face these things most of the times. Many cannot even tell about their problems to their parents. A CCTV camera prevents such activities in school. If an act of bullying is seen in camera the staff can be sent in to stop them.

    Anti-theft agent

    - CCTV Installation in school helps you see all activities taking place within the premises. We have often heard students committing theft at school. It may be an upcoming exam’s question paper or an important note being stolen from another student’s bag. Many a time students steal the mark sheet from a teacher’s drawer and change his marks in the mark sheet. Theft from school labs is also very common but very dangerous. Such things can be prevented if there are cameras everywhere in school.

    Help during an emergency

    - If by chance a fire is caught somewhere in the school, one can easily locate the place on camera. Once the place is located it becomes easier to evacuate the building through a doorway away from the fire. The presence of a CCTV camera is of great help during any such emergency situation. Once the place of emergency is marked, help can be summoned soon.

    A relief to parents

    - Modern technologies of CCTV cameras are becoming very much popular among people. Parents can access to the CCTV footage of their children’s school on their mobile phones. This has proved to be a great relief to parents that they can see their little ones (mostly the children studying in nursery or play schools) when away from them. It is very much understood how much parents are concerned about their little children when they have to separate from them. A small CCTV camera can do magic at such times.