6 Threats to CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras though a boon to the modern world, there are many threats it has to face. Some of them are as follows

1. Damage to CCTV cameras by lightning

During rainy seasons there is a lot of thunder and lightning which is one of the major risks a CCTV camera has to face. If lightning falls over a CCTV camera, the camera can be damaged beyond repair. If such damage occurs to a CCTV camera then that means loss in many ways. First, loss of the camera and second, a damaged camera can provide a good opportunity for burglars. Bullet cameras are more prone to such types of damages as they are the ones generally fixed in the open.


Lightning attracts point sources. A CCTV camera can attract lightning as it is more like a point object. Also, it is an electronic device that provides a double opportunity for lightning to fall on a CCTV camera. The use of a lightning rod on the roof of the building could be a possible solution to this problem. Another solution to prevent damage from lightning is to use well-insulated wires and a good earthing system. A plastic casing over the CCTV camera can also be of great help.


2. Damage created by mischievous people

A mischievous person never wants himself to be seen on camera, so the first thing a person with ill intentions will do is to either break the camera or simply blur its vision so that he cannot be seen doing wrong. This type of damage can be done to both indoor as well as outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras can easily be broken when hit by a flying stone. Burglars try to break cameras in the first place.


For outdoor cameras, they should be fixed on a high enough place so that it could not be reached. For protection from stones and other hard objects thrown with the intention to break the camera, a casing can help it out. Metal or hard plastic frame made like a cage fixed over the CCTV camera can protect it from breaking.

3. Paint or other things were thrown over the camera to blur its vision

A most popular idea used by burglars is to blur the vision of CCTV camera by throwing paint or other stuff on the camera. Once the vision is blocked, a person can easily get out after having the theft done simply without been seen.


To fix cameras out of reach of anyone from a distance. The person will have two options, either he will quit his mission or he will be seen on camera if he comes close enough to blur its vision.

4. Hacking

A CCTV camera can be hacked which is the worst thing that can happen to a CCTV camera. Many hackers nowadays use their hacking skills for doing many mischievous activities. They can hack a CCTV camera and hence see everything that's going on in a particular place. The place can be an office building, a goods or jewelry shop, a bank or simply somebody's home. A hacked CCTV camera is very dangerous as it reveals every secret of the place to the hacker which simultaneously makes it easy for the hacker to rob the place. Hacking can be done via the internet if there is not appropriate network security. One can directly get into your LAN Network and get access to the camera if WiFi is open. It can also steal video when a damaged hard disk is taken to a repair shop and later on use it against you. If the password of your DVR or NVR is not strong enough it can be compromised using different scripting techniques. Once a hacker gets access to DVR/NVR he can see every past and present video footage of your CCTV Camera.

Solution- Hacking of CCTV cameras can be prevented by putting in strong passwords to the wifi network. One should never reveal the password to any outsider. Another important thing that can be done to prevent hacking is to keep on changing its password at regular intervals.

5. Voltage fluctuations

Voltage fluctuations may occur sometimes or the other. A very low or very high supply of electricity can also cause CCTV cameras to get damaged. A sudden high voltage can cause a short circuit and hence damage the CCTV camera along with other appliances.

Solution- One can use a voltage stabilizer at home so that voltage fluctuations can be managed and any kind of damage to CCTV or other appliances can be prevented. use stabilizer. Another solution to the High Voltage problem can be the use of a fuse in the main switch of the place.

6. Water

Any electronic device be it a simple lamp or a complex closed circuit television camera, it does get affected when water comes in contact with it. Water due to rain or other sources like a leakage from somewhere above the camera or somebody's mischief may cause a damage to CCTV camera.


Use of waterproof case/housing for the CCTV camera can aid the problem. One should try to place CCTV cameras in a water-resistant place. A hood over the CCTV camera can also do to some extent.