Business opportunities and types of businesses that will survive during the course of Corona Virus pandemic

The present day situation about this Corona virus thing is not unknown to anyone today. Anyone, means anyone in the whole world. This is a pandemic outbreak that has not left any country untouched. The present day scenario is that most of the countries have announced a lockdown situation due to which life has come to a halt. No trains, busses, flights, or any personal vehicles are on roads. No people to be seen on the busiest streets of the world. No factories or shops are opening up. This critical situation has put in a huge impact on the economies of the countries. Due to this lockdown condition businesses of all levels have been affected. Whether small businesses like textile industry, furniture or utensils shops or larger businesses like mines, cement industries, shopping complexes, malls, etc. Now amidst all this chaos, the companies which are or have become online are the ones who are the survivors of this race. As per the governmentâ??s announcement it is our moral responsibility to maintain social distancing to prevent ourselves and others from getting affected by coronavirus. Even if we visit a local grocery shop we have to come out of our safe zones (our homes) which makes us vulnerable. We have to physically come in contact with the shopkeeper who in turn has come in contact with many other customers. To pay in cash which is also a bit doubtful as money is something which keeps on rotating from the rich to the poor to the bank to a shopkeeper to the beggar and so on and so forth.

 Considering all this, the best thing one can do is to become online as it is very helpful because then we donâ??t have to worry about paying in cash as one does not wash the notes all the time. In this technical era if we donâ??t use the technologies then perhaps we are just letting go a boon. Below is a graph which shows us the importance of getting our businesses online.


This graph shows us the stock prices of two different types of businesses. One is the well known Amazon and the other is Oil and Natural Gas Corporation or ONGC. The former is an online market where things are bought and sold whereas the latter is a business that cannot be online. The above graph shows us  how the stock price of Amazon has risen since the last 3 months (since coronavirus outbreak) and the price of ONGC has fallen since the last three months. It can easily be understood that as the fear of coronavirus increased people have started buying things more and more online as then they did not have to physically go out to buy things and come in contact with people. The business of Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) grew at an enormous rate. Now on the other hand we have ONGC. It is an international company a very big one but its work is such that it cannot be online hence the fall can be seen through the graph above.

Letâ??s consider another example.

This graph over here is a comparison of Amazon with the DLF group. Amazon which is an international online buying and selling company whereas DLF is also an international company, which makes malls.  Now, according to the graph a downfall of both the companies is seen in the month of February when this disease stated to become known. For some time, both remain low but then we see a hike in the stock prices of Amazon as again the same thing that people find it convenient that things reach to them without even the need to go out. On the other hand, the DLF suffers a downfall as people have stopped going out and visiting malls amidst COVID 19 breakout. Hence, we can conclude that in this competitive world the ones who make their businesses online will be the survivors. The sooner people get online the further will they go because this pandemic outbreak and this lockdown is not going to end soon. According to a tweet of an officer of WHO it was said that people have to get used to a new normal because this pandemic is not going to come to an end soon.