This is the 21st century we are living in now. The world has changed a great deal in comparison to earlier centuries. People have developed many technologies for the better interests of everyone. One such technology is the CCTV cameras. People are getting more and more curious. They want to know everything. At least everything that is happening in their homes and workplaces when they are not around. CCTVs are a boon to humanity. It prevents many crimes and chaos. These days we see these surveillance cameras in almost every public place. Be it stations, bus stops, airports, shopping malls, parks, or any other public place. People also install these small cameras in their homes for safety purposes. These little cameras are a good example of technology.

A recent case study says that some terrorist activities were seen outside a mall in Kovalam but thanks to the CCTV, the guards saw those activities and called the police. Before the terrorists could enter the mall the guards provided a tough resistance and soon the police reached there to arrest the terrorists. Another case study says that fire was caught in a metro train in Delhi. There was CCTV  Installation everywhere. The authorities saw the footage and the train was soon stopped and people were safely out.

There are many such instances when people have been saved from big losses because of these small devices. Here is a list of how CCTV cameras prove to be a boon to humanity-