CCTV and Covid19

The year 2020 has shown some things that the world had probably not seen earlier. One of them is the Corona Virus Pandemic. With the arrival of the year 2020 arrived an infectious disease,  the Corona Virus or the COVID 19. Many diseases come by and pass on. Some fatal some less fatal but this Coronavirus disease has spread in almost all countries of the world and is still spreading with a furious rate. Many countries announced a lockdown situation to prevent the spread of the disease. India had a lockdown in effect from 22nd of March which gradually started to unlock from the 8th of June onwards.

The lockdown situation had a great impact on all the countries that announced it. People remained at their homes and no offices, schools, colleges, restaurants, places of worship or any other workplaces opened for quite a while. This led to a downfall in the GDP of the country. Well, GDP is one thing which is at the national level but at the local levels, many problems popped up. As the roads and market places were deserted and nobody was around to see, actions of theft increased. One can find many news on thefts amidst lockdown. Thefts of groceries, vehicles and looting shops surfaced. Now the presence of CCTV cameras in shops, stores, and street CCTV cameras helped find many thieves and robbers.  This was one consequence of lockdown and the importance of CCTV cameras. Another big thing that started happening was that cases of suicide increased during the lockdown as people found themselves isolated and entered depression and hence suicide. We all heard of the suicide of the famous actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot. What could have possibly happened to a high-profile actor that led him to kill himself? May be depression or maybe isolation. Many also said that it was a murder. Whether murder or suicide, such cases become easy to solve if there are CCTV cameras around.

CCTV cameras are a must at every possible place so that people can keep a check on their homes, offices, workplaces etc. Though the unlocking process has started but not everything has unlocked and the country has not come back to normal.  It is best to protect your homes and shops and other workplaces with the help of CCTV cameras. The lockdown also proves to be an opportunity to be used to install CCTV cameras at your homes and offices. 

Nowadays, we have Artificial Intelligence built-in in every possible thing. Be it mobile phones, computers, or CCTV cameras, one can find AI everywhere. AI in CCTV cameras helps you detect many things like body temperature of a person passing by, his emotional expression, his approx age, etc. Such modern tools can be used as protection from Coronavirus. If you have a temperature detection CCTV camera you can find out the body temperatures of people coming to visit you or such cameras can be installed in public places where so many people come by and is difficult to measure the temperature of each and every individual. Hence, CCTV cameras are of great help.