Five Best Places To Install CCTV Cameras In Your House

If you have thought of installing CCTV cameras in your home then most probably you are aware of the growing rate of crimes these days. Everybody is concerned about the wellbeing of their family and wants them to stay safe mostly at the time when only women or children are inside. CCTV installation is one of the various safety measures one can take for the protection of their home. It is the best, most reliable and cheaper form of security at home in comparison to keeping guards outside your main door but as it comes to where to place security cameras at home, people are often confused. Here you have a list of five best places where you can install CCTV cameras in your house:

Main Entrance-

The main door of your house is the first and easiest way anybody could find to enter your house. So that is the first place one can install a CCTV camera with both day and night vision system so that you can keep an eye on who so ever is entering or leaving your front door. Be it during the day or at night. If it is an unknown person trying to enter you can beware beforehand. Many a time it so happens that if a crime has taken place outside your home and the footage has been captured in your camera, it comes out to be of great help to the police.

Back door (if any)-

If you have a back door in your house, thieves often tend to take that one rather than entering the front door directly. CCTV Installation at the back door makes you safe from behind (your house). You can easily see if any sort of weird activity is taking place in front of your back door or around and take action before anything bad happens.

Main Room-

You can install a camera in your main room or the guest room. Suppose you have a guest whom you have met only a few times (or maybe a new neighbor) and you cannot just shoo him off your door when he comes to pay a visit and you even don’t know his intentions. The camera in the guest room will help out at that time if the guest tries to harm anybody or steal anything. Most of the times the presence of a CCTV camera at home is enough for an intruder to back out from his plans due to the fear of getting caught.


If you have direct stairs leading from the basement to your house, then that is one of the most important places where you have to install a CCTV camera. Your house needs to be monitored from every possible entrance through which an intruder can enter your house with bad intentions.

Children’s room-

Having children at home whilst you are at work is very attention seeking thing. These days both parents are compelled to go out for work leaving their young ones alone or with a nanny at home. In this condition having a CCTV in the child/children’s room is of great relief. You can connect the CCTV to your smartphone via the internet and can easily keep an eye on whatever your child is doing at home.