Here Is How CCTV Can Prevent Crime

Previously during the stone age, there was no law. Anyone stronger could easily suppress the weaker. As humans grew socially they kept on developing an environment where they could live safely. 

The introduction of technology added a new chapter in it. Humans started using technology to develop a safe environment for living. One such technology is CCTV ( Closed Circuit Television). CCTV records everything in its range day and night. The presence of CCTV can prevent crime in many ways.

1. Fear of Being Caught:

 Only the presence of CCTV in a place itself prevents crime as no wrongdoer would like to be recorded in the camera. It is found in a survey that cities have a drastic change in crime rate after the installation of CCTV. Many crime-prone areas have reported a reduced number of criminal cases in that particular area just after the installation of CCTV.

2. Video Proof of crime:

 Any crime taking place in an area under CCTV Surveillance will be recorded in the CCTV camera and the face of the criminal can be seen in the video recording. Police can catch the criminal with greater ease. An area where there is more number of criminals in jail will reduce crime in such an area. Also,  due to active police activity, criminals hardly dare to do any crime.

3. No corruption to protect criminal:

 Once a criminal caught in CCTV cameras doing some criminal offense, he will not be able to protect himself by just bribing any corrupt officer. Proof in video format can not be  denied. Even corrupted officers will be compelled to take action against such activity.

4. Catching criminal by traffic CCTV:

A criminal committing a crime in the non-CCTV area can also be caught by the traffic CCTV camera. Once a criminal commits some criminal activity and fleeing from the site can later be spotted using his vehicle number, model or color on the video recording of traffic CCTV camera.