The world today is advancing with a galloping speed in every field. Technology is one such field. Humans have made a dense web of technology around themselves. Here we are going to talk about one such technologically advanced machine, the CCTV camera. CCTV cameras are a boon to humans. According to Hindu mythology, the third eye of Lord Shiva sees everything, similarly, you can say that a CCTV camera is the third eye of the installer. It can show you things that happen in your absence. These days the world is becoming smarter by making its houses and devises smarter. Hence making its cities and towns smarter. A smart city is one which is an ideal city for people to stay having all sorts of facilities. One such facility is the presence of CCTV cameras everywhere. Speaking of Delhi, one of the most populous cities of India and also the capital of the country, CCTV Installation is a very important part of it. Here one can see CCTV cameras installed in many places. The installation of CCTV cameras keeps the city under surveillance. Let’s talk about some of the most important reasons why CCTV cameras installation is needed in Delhi:-

    Smart City

    - CCTV camera installation in public places and roads in Delhi will help the police to keep an eye on whatever is going on in the city. It will show if any road is broken and may cause an accident so the authorities are informed and the road is mended at once.

    Unnecessary gathering of a crowd

    - If some people come up in public blocking roads for some unnecessary reason the presence of CCTV cameras in those places help the police to see whatever is going on and before the crowd becomes chaos the police can reach there to solve the problem. Hence saving the common mass from inconvenience due to the road jams.

    CCTV at traffic signals

    - CCTV Installation at traffic signals helps the traffic police a great deal. They do not have to stay in the sun the whole day to see if people are following traffic rules or not, instead, they can see everything happening on their screens. If a person is seen to disobey any traffic rule the number plate of their vehicle is caught on camera and he can be stopped at the next traffic signal by the authorities.

    Prevents criminal activities

    - CCTV cameras outside government buildings or a bank or any other important structure helps the authority see if any terrorist activity is going on outside, or if some mischievous person is trying to break in because important buildings are generally at higher risk of being attacked. Once caught on camera, these activities can be soon stopped or prevented.

    Catch hold of the culprit

    - CCTV Installation near roads helps one see the cause of an accident happened in the city. Also, the person or the vehicle which hit somebody can be seen and later on caught on the basis of the video footage. This system also works in schools where if anything wrong goes on with a particular child can be seen on the screen and the culprit will be caught soon.