Smart Homes

A smart home is one which uses the modern systems of security and are connected to the internet. Technology today has grown very advance and one can find almost all solutions for security safety and luxury of their homes or work places through technology. Here are some points that you can always keep in mind if you are planning of making your home a smart home:

Watch your home premises remotely

  CCTV cameras- You have the CCTV cameras in the first place, which can also be called a third eye. Through CCTV you can keep an eye on your house or office or factory or any other work place. You can see whatever is happening in your absence. You can keep a watch on who is entering your house or maybe somebody just loitering around your territory. You can connect your DVR or NVR to the internet and see whatever is going on in your home when away from home. In CCTV you can have many features which help safeguard you and your home. Here is a quick review of the advantages of CCTV Cameras in a smart home:

o   The day and night vision cameras help you see during all hours of the day and at night. Hence you can see if anybody is trying to break in during the night.

o   Thermal cameras in CCTV monitors the body temperature of everyone who comes to visit you. Hence, you can make sure unhealthy people donÂ?t come inside. (This is a time the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic and a person with a high body temperature may be a possible carrier of the disease.)

o   Emotion gestures in CCTV cameras help you figure out what type of mood the incoming guest has.

Control Your Home Appliances Via Mobile/Tablet

With a single tap, control and manage your electronic appliances across the globe!

Unified Control

The organized interface makes things work like a charm and you get used to the new control in no time. With a single tap, you can turn an appliance on or off across the globe!


·        Smart switches- Now we have the smart switches. Smart homes need to have everything smart in the home. We have the smart switches which can be controlled with your smart phone. Imagine you are out of home on a hot sunny day and returning from work the only thing you wish is to find the AC on so that it can sooth you from the burning heat outside. You wish you could simply tap a button on your phone and your AC starts at home even before you reach home. Now when you reach home you find the room is already air conditioned. HereÂ?s another one. Imagine you are out of home and reach home when itÂ?s already dark. You wish the lights were on before you opened the door and bumped into things while grabbing for the switch board. SoÂ? yes, even that is possible if you have a smart home. Here are some points on the smart switches:

o   The smart switch is a small device installed inside your switch boards and connected to your switching system.

o   Now you have to download the smart switching application on your smart phone and it is done.

o   You can operate all the switches of your home be it fans, lights, refrigerators, heaters, or any other appliance.

o   You can operate your switches from anywhere in the world.



Control your lights from anywhere in the world and turn them on, off or dim them to set the lighting according to your mood. You can even set daily routine of what time you need which type of light. For example, if you have a daily routine of sleeping at 11 PM, you can set the remainder to turn the light dim at 11 PM daily or, you need to wake up early but you donÂ?t like the disturbing noise of your alarm, the solution is easy, just set your light to bright light at 6 AM.



Get the best ever seamless control to your fanÂ?s speed through apps, voice and your conventional regulators at the same time. The fan control comes with both capacitive and standard dimming that gives you smooth fan control unlike any other.



No need to pull hard-to-reach curtains with strings that get tangled up! Now control your curtains with just a tap or voice command and create a relaxed, comfortable and convenient living environment. Even that you can control with your smart phone.



You have all the solutions to your problems now made digital. Yes, that is a too much stress to keep on monitoring your energy usage per day but no worries, now you can also monitor how much energy you use per day so that you can keep a check on it. You save electricity you save money.

Home Security

 Smart locks- The smart locks are in great trend these days. The traditional locking systems are going out of fashion slowly. They are vulnerable and easily breakable. If a thief makes up his mind of breaking a lock then it can be done within minutes. Everything in this modern world is getting smart then why not locks. Here are some advantages of smart locks:

o   Smart locks are devices installed at your doors with digital screens.

o   They like mobile phones have a pin or a password to unlock the lock.

Automate Daily Routine

You can set a routine task for your daily routine work, like brighten the bedroom light when it is time for you to wake up or, you can set to turn the geezer on prior to your wake up so that you get warm water ready for your bath. You can turn your AC on just before you reach home from office.


No worry of overflow

Smart home features include fully automated water tank. Now you will never run out of water and no overflow of water. Its auto start and auto cut features will save both your energy and water. When the sensor in the water tank sense low water level it will turn on your water motor automatically. Similarly, when the sensor senses that the tank is full it will auto cut and no problem of water overflow occur. You can also monitor the water level in your water tank via your smart phone.