The world today, is rapidly growing on the basis of technology and as with every good thing comes along the negative aspect of it, a growth in crime rates is also being seen. This growing crime rate can be slowed down if we, the common people take some preventive measures. CCTV Installation at homes can be of great help when it comes to the security of your property and family. CCTV cameras at home help you keep an eye at your premises.

    Prevents crime

    - You can easily trace any stranger waiting to enter your door. Even the mere presence of CCTV cameras outside your home may prevent thieves from entering your house. Well, you can even call the police if you still feel something wrong.

    Keeps an eye on children

    - Economic crisis nowadays has compelled both the parents to go out for work. Many mothers have to leave their little ones at home for long hours in the care of nannies. CCTV Installation at home helps you see from the office itself whether your child is in good care or not. You can immediately make a call at home if you find your child crying or so.

    Video proof

    - If by chance anything goes wrong like, maybe a thief broke into your house and you were unable to see the video footage immediately, you can, later on, use the footage as evidence to the police and hence the thief gets caught.

    Fire Alarm

    - Image processing technology detects fire or smoke and automatically sends a message on your phone. In case a fire has been caught due to a short circuit in the switchboard or gas leakage in the kitchen or in the dry leaves of your garden you can see it in your screen from anywhere. You can soon call the fire brigade for help.

    Protection from thieves

    The night vision cameras are able to see things clearly even in total darkness. Any strange activity happening or a person trying to snoop around can be detected by Motion detection technology of CCTV cameras and send you an alert signal making you safe even at the darkest hour of the night.