Why You Should not Buy Cheap Security Camera

The world we live in today has changed a great deal from the earlier centuries. This is a modern era. An era of knowledge, information and technology. We have grown smart and intelligent with time and so have our gadgets. Security of one's life and property has always been a concern. Earlier where people used to keep guards to safeguard their lives and property it is now replaced with CCTV cameras. As said earlier we have grown smart, as have our machines and gadgets. The installation of CCTV cameras is a solution to many problems. One can install CCTV cameras wherever he needs to keep an eye in his absence and here is the main thing one needs to keep in mind while installing CCTV cameras.

When you think of installing CCTV cameras, you have a lot of options available in the market. Different brands, different resolutions, different models, different designs and the most important thing, different prices. You can get cameras cheap and expensive. Let us discuss some of the problems that may occur if one buys cheap Security cameras.
  • Image quality- First and foremost thing to be mentioned here is the quality of the image of the camera. When you buy a cheap CCTV camera it could be incapable of giving a hundred percent result. The camera company may assure you that the camera is of so and so resolution but it might not be. This can be seen when the image is zoomed in. If the camera quality will be good the highly zoomed image will also look clear. Suppose a stranger is seen every now and then near your house, and you feel suspicious about him and his activities, then you can better see his face in the security camera which has a good quality image even after zooming in. Suppose you have a vehicle parked in front of your house at a distance and you feel suspicious of it then you can better see the number plate of the vehicle and may be inform the police if needed. Number plates of vehicles can be seen if the CCTV camera is of a good quality which one cannot get if he buys a cheap CCTV camera.
  • Smaller period of warranty- Not everything that is cheap is bad but some of the things are better if bought in a quality price. If one buys a cheap security camera then the warranty provided along with it is also short term. Many