Different types of CCTV cameras

In this modern world, CCTV installation has become a trend. A trend which is meant for goodness and safety purpose. People from almost every field want to secure their workplaces and homes by installing CCTV cameras so that they can keep an eye on whatever is going on in their absence. There are a variety of different types of CCTV cameras meant for different situation.
Here's is a list of some varieties of CCTV cameras:-

1.Dome cameras

- Dome cameras are generally used for indoor purposes. The name dome camera comes from its shape. The most important feature of this type of camera is that its shape makes it difficult for people to know which side it is facing. The camera has both day and night vision system.

2.Bullet Cameras-

Bullet cameras are generally installed outside houses and buildings. The shape of a bullet camera is long and cylindrical. It is meant for viewing distant objects or things. Bullet cameras are also weatherproof though they need some casing to protect them from thieves and burglars who don't want to be caught on camera. They also provide day and night vision system.

3.IP cameras-

An internet protocol camera or an IP camera comes under the wireless category of cameras. Unlike an analog camera, IP cameras do not require any device for sending signals it works directly on a LAN when access to the internet.

4.Network cameras

Some cameras can be connected to the internet and to one's mobile devices via the internet. These cameras provide you video footage from the place of its installation to anywhere across the globe via the internet. Network cameras include all of the above categories of cameras.

5.C-Mount CCTV Camera:-

C-mount CCTV cameras multipurpose camera which have detachable lenses. Normal CCTV camera lenses can only cover distances of between 35 and 40ft but with C-mount CCTV cameras, it is possible long cover distances using special lenses.